Twitter users sound off about sexist comment on Jeopardy

The one day I sit down to watch Jeopardy! in weeks, maybe even months – Alex Trebek makes a comment that annoys me so much that I have to tweet about it. After three women swept a sports category, answering all of the questions associated with football – Mr. Trebek says: “You ladies did well with that football category. Congratulations!”

Wow. How completely condescending, I thought. I even shared my outrage with my 8-year-old, explaining that he made it seem like women can’t be knowledgeable about the sport. She totally saw my point and declared: “What, Mrs. Vaughan (her third grade teacher) loves football.”

Once I posted my opinion  on Twitter, I found others, and they are not all from women either. Men found it offensive too. Here are a few others:





I wonder if he even gets it. I suppose he could have somehow thought it was a compliment, but that would be just as bad.  I’m not so sure why it was such a shock to him that three women, very smart women – could master five questions about football.

Maybe he should go on Wheel of Fortune and buy a clue.

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