Building your brand in a consumer-centric health care environment

AMAAtlantaLater this month, I’m moderating a health care panel at The Atlanta Chapter of the American Marketing Association’s Signature Luncheon. The topic: Patients first: Building Your Brand in a Consumer-centric Health Care Environment.

I’m excited about this topic, hearing from the fantastic panelists and shedding some light on what has become increasingly difficult for healthcare marketers in the age of consumerism.

If you’re in the Atlanta area, I think it would definitely be worth your time.

Here are the details, and a link to the registration page on Eventbrite.

Overview: Come learn how to build relationships with consumers through marketing that will influence the patient experience.
Consumerism is being driven by health plans shifting more of the financial responsibility to patients and the growing number of digital tools consumers have at their disposal. In this panel discussion, we will address:

  • How to build relationships with consumers through marketing that will influence the patient experience?
  • How will health care providers build brands and market directly to consumers?
  • How will health care be consumed and marketed in the future, as a result of greater transparency, increased competition and more empowered consumers?
    Can we maintain a consumer-centric approach via social media and where do we draw the line to increase awareness, preference and brand equity.


  • Alex Hodges, General Manager, Surgical & Infection Prevention, Kimberly Clark – @KCCorp
  • Lori Beard, Assistant Vice President, Hospital Growth, Cancer Treatment Centers of America – @CancerCenter
  • Matt Gove, Chief Marketing Operator, Piedmont Healthcare – @gove
  • Chris Benecchi, Group Product Director for Central Nervous System at UCB, – @ucb_news
  • Matt Coleman, Managing Director, Cause Marketing, American Cancer Society, Inc. – @colemanrocks



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