How United Airlines made me the ultimate fan through Twitter

unitedI don’t know the man or woman behind the @United Twitter account, but I can tell you that he or she is hard core when it comes to providing customer service to the people reaching out to them on that platform.

Allow me to share my experience.

While waiting for my flight to Chicago out of Omaha, I learned that it had been delayed. According to the new arrival time, it would be nearly impossible for me to make my connecting flight to Raleigh. So, I posted this tweet:

In about 40 minutes, @United responded with this:

I was stunned. Not only did they respond in less than 45 minutes, the man or woman behind the curtain, who goes by “^BW” told me which gate I’d be departing from. Talk about customer service. BW went out of his or her way to look into my problem and assured me that there was a chance for me to make it.

So I responded with this:

And simply because ^BW wanted to close the loop, and demonstrate a commitment to service, he or she showed thier truly human side, with this:


I have to give it them. This was excellent customer service. And to top it off. ^BW kept communicating with me via direct messages. It turned out that I missed the flight after all, but BW stayed with me and made sure I worked with an agent to get home to RDU.

It’s one thing to do this stuff publicly, when others can see the back and forth. But when you take it behind the scenes and send direct messages, that no one but the person you’re communicating with will see, you’re not in it for the accolades.

Today, I knew that ^BW was on my side and in my corner. When I took a look at the @United twitter feed, I saw that he or she was also doing this for countless others, seemingly all day. A tough  job, I know. But BW is in it to win it. And today, you won big.

Consider me a fan, for years to come.

Thank you.

And to ^BW’s boss, I say – give him or her some kind of bonus. It is well-deserved.



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